P2P Trading Technology Solutions

Traditional Peer-to-Peer Market Dynamics

TXC Markets will allow holders of illiquid debt and institutions to trade directly with one another by providing transparency, due diligence, price discovery and monitoring with lower costs for all. Trades will be automatically settled on TXC, with recording and execution conducted on regulated Marketplaces to deliver the fastest and most reliable service possible.




Price Discovery

Unique Rating Systems, beginning with Tax Claims

TXC Markets is actively investing in developing Data Centric solutions to store, monitor and constantly rate the risks of Illiquid assets with the use of algorithmic solutions.

In traditional trading, liquidity is internalized by banks, funds, institutional investors, brokers and advisors. TXC is creating, valuing and monitoring pools of illiquid assets is a highly, time consuming and expensive task as most securitization fail to deliver this crucial input.

P2P Trading Technology Solutions



  • Unique onboarding processes
  • End-To-End standardized and transparent trade life-cycle
  • Pricing and Rating Algorithms
  • Strong Due Dilligence framework
  • Tranching Algorithms and trading CDOs


  • Single Front-End trading platform
  • Unique workflows and business processes
  • Transparent and independent infrastructure
  • Direct access to Auction and Derivative market


  • Systemic solution for the Italian tax claim markets
  • New solution for optimizing the Working Capital
  • Liquidity for the Sellers and Yield for the Buyers
  • Secondary Markets for NPLs
  • Creation of Derivative solutions for illiquid Credits


  • Innovation Drive is on top of TXC Agenda (i.e. ML, AI,
    Blockchain, ...)
  • Grow strategy with the financial Ecosystem and with potential International Players
  • Evolving and continuous offerings (i.e. advance invoices)

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