Derivatives Trading

Smart Securitization

TXC Markets will revolutionize the way the traditional purchasing process of illiquid assets work, i.e. standard securitization, by creating the Smart Securitization using algorithms securitized via Derivatives products transacted over OTC electronic markets.

The Marketplaces on TXC Markets (like TaXchange) will have a simple auction to create pools of illiquid assets. The platform allows to identify rapidly and transparently one or more buyers to sell without recourse the asset.

Credit Options

TXC Markets’ Technologies will have the functionality of creating, negotiating and executing financial options (derivatives) with underlying assets the Tax Claims by means of designing and developing a proprietary Financial Algorithm.

The origination and issuing mechanism of the financial algorithm will respond to the following criteria:

  1. Pull - Clustering of different types of Tax Claims with similar or very near payment deadline and re-payment risks.
  2. Push – RFQ from a buyer to buy and underwrite an option with specific criteria generated by the algorithm.

Once an order has been confirmed the Platform (via the Special Purpose Vehicle) will purchase the Tax Claims and will be the issuer (writer) of the option.

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